Turn Your FAQ into Blogging Content

You’ve got great content for your blog already and you may not even know it. Some of the best blogging content comes straight from how you answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) on a daily basis in your business. Yep, your FAQ is a blog topic gold mine.

Why is your FAQ perfect for blogging content?

A high performing website, that works for your business, includes a blog. A blog contains articles, such as the one you’re reading right this very instance, that provide helpful information your audience will appreciate and find valuable. We covered that concept in a blog post we wrote about how to be viewed as a valuable resource. So how do you come up with articles to write? There are many ways, but one of the very best ways is to use your FAQ and answer those questions in blog articles.

Take us for example, we help people with social media, content strategies, and all kinds of other marketing hootenanny. We typically work with the small business and entrepreneur types. A lot of the questions we get from our followers (including our clients) have a lot to do with how they can improve their social media and marketing efforts. Questions like, “what is the best process to follow when managing my marketing programs?” We took that and wrote an article about the five phases of effective marketing management.

Get your FAQ in a list you can work with.

Some of you are saying, “we don’t really have very many questions that would work for this.” Well, we’re going to be bold and say you need to just think a little harder. But don’t do it alone. Get your team together and come up with your list together. Here’s a tip: the ones who are in sales or answer the phones are awesome at pulling questions together.

Turn FAQ into blogging content

Put them into categories.

Once you and your team have created a list, start to categorize the questions and see if you can naturally identify some trends in the topics. Now, you have a good start at the categories for your blog.

Create a plan to write blog articles using your FAQ.

Now it’s time to get going and write some blog articles answering these questions. Before you just go typing up explanations to the questions, consider getting your thoughts organized first so you can write more efficiently. Or get those thoughts down on paper so you can hire a copywriter to get to work. You also want to consider putting a schedule together so you can prioritize which articles will be written first.

So there you have it. You have blog articles just waiting to be written and you already have topics right under your nose, or in your email, or on your desk, or in a voicemail. 

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