The Importance of Daily Social Media Monitoring

Whether you’ve been on social media for years now or have just started your engines on social media, it is important to get into the habit of monitoring your social media channels overall. You should be checking your social media at least three times a day for just a few minutes each. We call these social media drive-by’s.

Social Media Monitoring

Here’s what you should be checking during your social media drive-by’s:

Look out for comments and replies.

Often times, social media platform’s notifications, which are supposed to be “convenient”, end up being a confusing and an unreliable mess. Therefore, during these social media “drive-by’s”, it is important to glance at each post for any new comments, questions or reviews that have snuck into your posts. Be sure to reply to all engagement on your page.

Reply to direct messages and reviews.

It’s important to reply in a timely manner to these special interactions from customers and potential customers. Timeliness is simply good customer service, and it shows that you are active and reliable on social media and in your business. If a negative message or review comes your way, quick, polite and helpful replies will be the best way to handle the problem.

Check-ins and posts to their page.

While this portion of the tip is specific only to Facebook, it is just as important as the others.  On Facebook, be sure to respond and engage with check-ins and posts that make their way to your page. Just like the above tip, timeliness and being active on your social media platforms is important for these tips. It shows that you care about your advocates and customers. Quickly interacting with these posts is an awesome opportunity to engage with your customers the moment they are consuming your brand.

Make edits where needed and permitted.

Some platforms allow you to edit posts, while others don’t. If typos and mistakes missed your eyes or your editor’s eyes the first time, take advantage of social media platforms that allow you to edit posts. If a glaring mistake or correction needs to be addressed, be sure to comment or reply to the post with the updated information.
Even if you aren’t regularly posting to your social media, it is still crucial that you are checking it every day. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to do this when your day gets busy, so maybe consider setting a reminder in your calendar or an alarm to remind you to do this.

Jillian Wilschke
Addison Avenue Intern, Jillian Wilschke, is a sophomore at Ball State University studying Public Relations. When she's not keeping busy crossing things off her to-do lists, she considers herself a ketchup connoisseur and a dance enthusiast.

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