The Importance of a Complete Social Media Profile

To some this might be obvious, but for many, this might be a daunting task:

Fill in and complete every field in your social media profiles.

Some of you might be saying “duh,” but often times, simple things like a phone number or website address don’t make it to a business profile. Other times, there isn’t any information in the Twitter or Instagram profile description. The reasons range from simply forgetting to complete the info to not being sure what to put. Either way, take the time and make sure your info is complete. If fields are left blank you will be missing out on new customers for sure.

Complete your business information

Every social media channel allows for different amounts of information to be posted, so take a minute or two to browse what options you have to post on each channel. For example, Facebook allows you to post both a long and a short description of your business. Consider filling out both of these “about” sections instead of just one. These descriptions show up in different views for your audience, so both are pretty important. The more you information you provide for your customers or clients, the more reputable and reachable you will be.

Complete your Social Media Profile

Whether you’re gearing up to start your business on social media or just need to touch up your accounts, this checklist provides plenty of ways for you to improve your presence.

Personal profiles count too

The same goes for your personal accounts, especially LinkedIn. If you’re using that channel to interact, network, seek out new clients, or even seek out new professional opportunities, you’ll want to ensure your profile is as complete as possible. LinkedIn is great a coaching you through the process of ensuring your profile is complete with periodic prompts to enter more information. Nothing is more unprofessional than getting a connection request from someone that doesn’t have a completed profile, especially one that doesn’t even include a profile picture. It’s sort of like showing up to the neighborhood cookout without a side dish and without a shirt.

Facebook Avatar

While this seems simple in concept, it’s extremely important. So, don’t doubt the impact completed profile information can have on your business and your networking. Whether it take you 10 minutes or an hour, make time to ensure your information is complete.

Jillian Wilschke
Addison Avenue Intern, Jillian Wilschke, is a sophomore at Ball State University studying Public Relations. When she's not keeping busy crossing things off her to-do lists, she considers herself a ketchup connoisseur and a dance enthusiast.

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