Are your social media profiles optimized?

We’ve totally covered this topic on the blog before but I wanted to give another healthy reminder on the importance of optimizing your social media profiles.

What does it mean to have an optimized social media profile?

Info is complete. This means all of the available options are filled in, including phone number, website, description, location. etc. Facebook has updated this section a few times in the past few years. It’s important to go back and make sure there aren’t new sections you haven’t completed yet. Do this for all of your social media profiles including Google+ even if you’re not active. Don’t forget about LinkedIn too and Facebook Groups as well.

Info is accurate and up to date. Whether your business has gone through changes or not, take a minute to go in and look at your information, especially your description? Does it match the description you’re currently using on other materials? Take a minute to make sure you’ve got the most updated and polished info in there.

The pictures are up to date and relevant. I see this all the time…an outdated cover photo. Or heck…no cover photo at all. Be sure you’ve got quality profile pictures as well as headers/banners/cover photos where applicable. The biggest one I see skipped is LinkedIn and YouTube. If you’re struggling on creating one, try using a free design tool like Canva to create one.

Use newer features. Recently Facebook has made it possible to use a video for your cover photo on a business page. It’s pretty awesome (check out this FB profile for an example). Keep in mind the video needs to fit the format of a cover-photo so be sure there isn’t important content getting cut off. If you have a Facebook Group, there are also recent updates to consider, including the ability to ask prospective members questions before you approve their member request.

Get it done.

Your profiles might be in great shape, but take a few minutes to ensure there aren’t missed opportunities to polish the profiles up a bit. It’s good to do this at least every 3-6 months. If you’re the forgetful kind, put it in your calendar right next to your strategy review or insights review sessions…you are doing those right? 🙂

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