Soapbox by Wistia makes screencasts easy

What can I say, nothing can steal my attention better than a new bright and shiny object…or app…or Chrome extension. Soapbox by Wistia is one of those bright and shiny objects. Today, Wistia launched a brand new Chrome extension called Soapbox, and once I read the description I had to check it out, like immediately (huge apologies to my ToDo list).

Usually, I skim through the commercial emails I receive, however when something arrives from Wistia, I’m usually open it up right away. Wistia one of my favorite resources for all things video, and in fact, they’re the reason I first embraced a DIY style of video production. I LOVE all of their awesome helpful videos in the Wistia Hub.

Soapbox allows you to record a screencast and then edit how it will look all within their web app. I just used it for the very first time, and I gotta say, it’s pretty slick.

First, you record the screencast. Just note, you won’t be able to see yourself during the actual recording (just your screen) but it does let you select which webcam and microphone if you have equipment other than what’s built into your computer. Since you can’t see yourself during the recording, just remember to look at the camera every once in a while, especially while you’re explaining some key points.

After you’re finished recording, the Soapbox video editor will open.

Soapbox by Wista

I can imagine a lot of possibilities for how this Chrome extension can be used. Specifically for online tutorials (how to videos, or even how to shop an e-commerce site) but also webinar-style presentations.  This is only the beginning of this extension and I’m sure more features will be added.

I wanted to give the extension a try, so I whipped up a super fast Facebook tutorial just to check it out. I didn’t even take the time to set up my DIY lights or grab my fancy microphone. Check out my first attempt at using Soapbox.



I’m so excited to use the crap out of this extension to continue making tutorial videos and helping my DIY Marketing followers in my private Facebook Group. Feel free to join us on our DIY Marketing journey.

You can learn more about Soapbox in this Wistia blog post.

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