The real reason we use social media for business.

Sometimes we get so focused on making sales, we screw up in how we actually use social media for business. I’ve got news for you, social media is not for you to sell something. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely a tool that contributes to the process of a prospect deciding to make a purchasing decision, but that is NOT why we’re online.

The absolute best use of social media is to get people to like, know, and trust you.

They like you.

I’m going beyond the whole page likes here. When you put yourself out there on social media you’re giving people an opportunity to decide if they like you. They show this by liking your business page, by accepting your invitation to your group page, or by commenting on and sharing your posts. Those are all of the “outcomes” of them liking you. If you’re putting yourself out there and being genuine at all times, and they decide they don’t like you, consider it part of the filtering process. The alternative is them thinking they like you, only to realize after working with you that they don’t…and that is just awkward for everyone.

They get to know you.

Now that they’ve decided they kinda like you, they will follow you and learn more from you. Sharing information and being transparent will allow them to learn more about you, your style, your capabilities, and what you stand for. The relationship is getting deeper here. In turn, you might be getting to know them based on their comments and how they interact with you online.

They trust you.

Trust is a big deal, especially when entering into a relationship. When someone decides they are ready to invest in your services, your products, or donate to your cause, they are more likely to do so if they feel they can trust you. You can earn trust by being helpful on social media. Avoid constantly selling to people and instead be helpful, even if your helpful content doesn’t directly tie to your products or services. They will appreciate that you are looking out for them, and they’ll trust that you have their best interest in mind.

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