Put your target audience into three categories

One of the greatest tools you can have when coming up with content is a good understanding of your target audience. Most people think of their customers and future customers (prospects) as their audience. These folks are definitely in your audience, but don’t stop there.

I like to use three categories when it comes to identifying my target audience.

Customers (Your buyers and your followers)

These are the people who either already use your products or services, or are learning from you. Customers are buyers but your learners are typically your followers. Perhaps you’re a network marketer, your learners are your team members and peers. If you’re a consultant like, your learners might be the folks consuming your free advice via your blog, private Facebook Group, or YouTube channel followers.

Contributors (Your helpers)

This category is comprised of anyone who is literally contributing to your business. Some easy examples are employees (as well as prospective employees), community partners, and vendors. They have some sort of direct contribution to your success by helping you get your work done. This help may or may not be billable.

Connectors (Your cheerleaders and your referrers)

Connectors may not be customers or contributors, but can connect you to customers and contributors. Many times these people care about the success of you and your organization, but are not able (or don’t need to) buy from you and they aren’t able to directly contribute to your business. Reasons could be affordability, relevance, locale, or timing. They are still helping you because they are cheering you on, sharing your content, and referring people to you.

When creating content, it’s important to consider all of these personas. Take a moment and jot down some names or companies who fall into these categories. Then think about the kind of content they will care about.


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