We can help make your marketing less of a pain in your neck and something you look forward to. 

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From content strategies to creative brainstorming to facilitating the management of projects, Melanie Howe works with individuals, small businesses, and marketing teams in various capacities that streamline their marketing efforts.



You can either host an onsite seminar for your team, your business group, or your business center. Melanie speaks on a wide range of topics. Just a few:

  • Social Media Productivity Tools
  • Down and Dirty Content Strategy
  • Networking Best Practices
  • Personal Branding
  • Getting Started with LinkedIn
  • Social Media for Sales Teams
Efficiently work on social media






We’ll develop content for your social  media, blog, website, and email marketing. This includes copy, graphics, and video. We also have strong partnerships with web and print providers for website development and print materials management.  

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