We’re looking for an intern right meow!

You can read the job description here.  If you think you’re ready, or if you have additional questions, please send an email to Include your resume and why you should be considered.

We legitimately love working with students and offering internships. As an Addison Avenue Marketing Intern, you will be given opportunities to work on real accounts in real-world business environments. Not only will you be helping Addison Avenue meet the needs of our clients, you will also be exposed to many aspects of marketing which will help you hone in on what you “want to be when you grow up.”

The objectives of our internship program fall around three basic outcomes:

  1. Students grow their skills and gain experience by working on real projects for real clients.
  2. Students gain a better understanding of what type of job they want for a career (and what they don’t want to).
  3. Students become connected to our community and build impacting relationships through networking.

We will reach these outcomes by putting you on real tasks with real clients while offering you coaching and mentoring. Aside from completing tasks, you will have the opportunity to visit marketing agencies, printing companies, and to shadow other marketing professionals. We will also help you identify networking opportunities and introduce you to our community’s young professional organizations.

We are almost always looking for students and contractors who can help in these areas:

Social Media
Copywriting and Public Relations
Graphic Design and Photography
Websites (WordPress)
Event Marketing
Interning with Melanie helped me understand the various roles and positions available in the marketing field. Through talking with her about her past jobs and experiencing how she approaches project management and marketing, I was able to solidify my decision to enter the marketing/advertising world. Before interning with Melanie, I had written off both small businesses and working at an agency… Now I love both!
Katy Williams