How to Engage as Your Business on Facebook

Let’s talk about Facebook engagement as a business. You’ve got a business page on Facebook. This could be a page you manage for an actual business or a non-profit, church, community, cause, etc. Either way they are classified as “business pages” on Facebook and sometimes it can get tricky to represent that page on Facebook. By tricky I mean the actual technical aspects of the Facebook Business Page interface. Pretty much everyone who is an admin of a business page has commented on a post thinking it was on behalf of their business only to realize after publishing the comment that it shows as YOU, meaning your personal profile. If this has happened to you, you’re in good company.

There are three reasons people don’t engage on behalf of their business page on social Facebook.

  1. They don’t realize how important it is so they naively miss this opportunity. For more on why it is important to actually be social on social media, you can read a previous blog post we published.
  2. “They don’t have time.” Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that you need to suck it up and find time. The good news is there are ways to make it easier. You can use an app like Hootsuite to make your job easier, and you can save some time by improving your processes. We talk about that a lot. Like in this post, and this post, and this post.
  3. They don’t know how to. Meaning, they know they need to and want to, but they can’t figure it out with the tricky Facebook interface.

In this post, I want to help with number three because the first two are up to you and your willingness to truly commit to the efforts of social media marketing. I could go on and explain how to do these things, but it’s much easier to show you. So I made a video.

In this video I’ll show you how to like pages as your business, see your business page home feed, and engage with other posts as your business.

Watch in full screen mode for a clearer view of the tutorial.

As you can see it’s not hard. So get out there, go like some pages, check out your home feed, and start engaging with other businesses and organizations as yours.

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2 Responses to “How to Engage as Your Business on Facebook

  • Derek McClain
    1 year ago

    Yes! I say this all the time to people who claim they have no content or don’t know what to write about. Just take a quick peek at your Google analytics and search for keyword phrases that start with “How” “What” Why” etc. to uncover questions people are asking that relate to your business. Then go answer them!

    It’s easy and highly beneficial. Good stuff, Melanie.

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