Four Ways to Re-Purpose Content For Social Media

If you’ve got a blog, then you’ve got gobs and gobs of social media content. If you read articles from industry leaders and peers, then you’ve got even more gobs and gobs of social media content. Here are four ways to re-purpose content for social media.

Turn blog posts into multiple social media posts.

If you’re doing what’s best, your blog is filled with helpful content that your audience can find useful. It’s probably filled with tips, best practices, and articles that are teaching your audience new things. Take those tips, helpful comments, recommendations and turn them into various social media posts. 

Curate other blog posts into your own social media posts.

You’re pretty much going to do the same thing here, however the content is not your own. This is still a great opportunity to create social media posts while also engaging in your industry’s community. Go ahead and give credit where credit is due. Not only will your audience appreciate the content, but the original source will appreciate the shout out and may even give one in return.

Repost, reuse, and recycle content previously published.

Some content is just so good that it’s worth sharing again, and again. There is no rule that you can’t reuse content. In fact, it’s highly likely that an entirely new audience will see it the 2nd or third time you share it. Go back through your social media from the past few months and find the good stuff, either post it again, or tweak it up a little (revised text, new image) for slightly newer content.

Blog posts can be videos, and videos can be blog posts.

If you’ve got a blog, then you’ve got video content. If you’ve got videos, then you’ve got great blog content too. Creating simple and helpful videos are a great way to help your audience and also really show your personality. The content in those videos should absolutely also be converted to a written blog article. Now, flip flop that concept….great articles can also be curated on a video. Go through your blog and find some articles that could make for great tip videos to share on social media. 

Here’s an example. Cover-Tek published this video to explain the difference quadrivalent and trivalent flu vaccines.

They also published a blog post for those that rather read about it.

Let’s face it, time is precious so there is no need to waste that time creating brand new content from scratch every single time. Go through your blog right now and start creating social media posts today.

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