Five Tips to Prevent Blurry Photos

Blurry photos are social media’s worst nightmare. We get it, you’re not a photographer but that shouldn’t hold you back from taking better photos.  Visuals are a really important element in the success of your social media, so set yourself up for success and follow these very basic rules when taking pictures to prevent blurry photos.

1. Use your shirt as a lens cleaner.

Your phone goes everywhere with you, which means that it collects all the dirt, smudges and germs that you encounter along with it. Before taking any type of photo on your camera, take a few seconds to wipe the lens of your phone camera with the corner of your shirt to ensure it will take the highest quality photo. Better yet, buy some lens cleaners or wipes and give them a real clean every once in awhile.

2. Tap your phone screen for auto-focus.

For some this is a no brainer, but for others, they are about to learn something crucial to their photos. Typically every smart phone has auto focus– all you have to do is hold your camera still and tap the screen where you want to focus the photo. Your phone might have already been in focus, but if it wasn’t you’ll see a bit of a clearer image on your screen which will make your photo turn out clearer as well.

3. Watch out for obstructive fingers.

If you’re taking a photo, or someone else is behind the camera, fingers can easily sneak their way into the lens of the camera through a tight grip for fear of dropping the device. Having a corner of the photo cut off by a finger could make or break a photo for sure.

Taking Better Photos

4. Be cautious of your phone case.

If your phone is surrounded by a waterproof case or an ornate case that covers either lens of your camera, your photos could end up looking fuzzy due to the protective seal that is preventing your camera from taking photos at full potential. If you can afford to remove your protective case at the time if it covers your lenses, try to do so.

5. Fix cracked phone screens and lenses.

If you camera has a huge crack in it on either side of your phone, take the time, energy and money to get it fixed. If you don’t, you’ll still be taking poor quality photos at the expense of your followers who value pretty and clear high quality photos.
Save yourself and your followers from the crappy photo plague by simply using these basic guidelines. Let us know how it works for you.

Jillian Wilschke
Addison Avenue Intern, Jillian Wilschke, is a sophomore at Ball State University studying Public Relations. When she's not keeping busy crossing things off her to-do lists, she considers herself a ketchup connoisseur and a dance enthusiast.

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