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The more busy you get, the more you realize you can only handle one thing at a time, or one tip at a time. In the spirit of “quick and easy” Melanie has begun introducing quick 2-4 minute videos with simple tips anyone can apply to their business. 

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A couple samples

Be Sure Your Social Media Profiles are Optimized

The Real Reason We Use Social Media

From The Blog

Social Media

Are your social media profiles optimized?

We’ve totally covered this topic on the blog before but I wanted to give another healthy reminder on the importance...

Target Audience

Put your target audience into three categories

One of the greatest tools you can have when coming up with content is a good understanding of your target...

DIY Marketing

The real reason we use social media for business.

Sometimes we get so focused on making sales, we screw up in how we actually use social media for business....

Wistia Soapbox Screen Shot

Soapbox by Wistia makes screencasts easy

What can I say, nothing can steal my attention better than a new bright and shiny object…or app…or Chrome extension....

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