FAQ becomes blogging content

Turn Your FAQ into Blogging Content

You’ve got great content for your blog already and you may not even know it. Some of the best blogging...

Cover-Tek Staff

Why Showcasing People on Social Media Works

As a business, your biggest assets are your people. This, in combination with how people buy and why they buy,...

Five Capitalization Rules Everyone Needs to Know

Quality writing is a must for any business that produces content, whether it’s online, printed, or spoken. While a casual or conversational tone may take precedence over nit-picky grammar rules, the fundamentals of writing are still important. We have five simple capitalization tips that will help you maintain solid grammar throughout your writing and help you become a grammar expert in no time!


5 Steps to Write More Effectively

Sure, I enjoy writing. I relish the time I spend thinking of precise words to describe people and events. I...