Best Practices

Essentials to LInkedIn

Essentials to Using LinkedIn Effectively

We want to help you better understand LinkedIn and offer the essentials to using LinkedIn effectively. LinkedIn tends to be...

Ice cream cone

Why Using Visuals in Your Social Media is Best

What if someone says, “hey would you like to go get some ice cream?” In this scenario, it is fairly easy...

Consistent Profile Pictures

Why Your Profile Pictures Need to be the Same

Consistency across your social media channels is important for your business to build and maintain a reputation and your brand....

Ten Networking Best Practices For Everyone

In order to apply some networking best practices, first we must get on the same page with what networking is...

Five Capitalization Rules Everyone Needs to Know

Quality writing is a must for any business that produces content, whether it’s online, printed, or spoken. While a casual or conversational tone may take precedence over nit-picky grammar rules, the fundamentals of writing are still important. We have five simple capitalization tips that will help you maintain solid grammar throughout your writing and help you become a grammar expert in no time!

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