Ask Your Advocates to be Your Cheerleaders

Give me an H, give me and E, give me an L, give me a P! What’s that spell? Help!

If you have cheerleaders of your business, then you’re halfway to some awesome social media help. Your advocates are ultimately the cheerleaders of your business, and it’s time to ask them for help on social media.

So, who are your advocates?

Some of your biggest fans are probably repeat customers who love your product or service. Either they just love love love your product or you have gone above and beyond to help them and they love you for it. When people have extremely positive experiences with companies they tend to tell others and with social media being a standard piece of today’s culture, that is one place they do it.

Ask your cheerleaders a little help.

Your cheerleaders want to support you, so if you ask them to share your posts every once in awhile, and continually engage in your posts, they’ll most likely be more than ready to help you and your business. They genuinely want you to be successful and most people are more than willing to step up to the plate to be a part of that success.

Be sure to thank your advocates.

Your advocates are not only part of your success but a huge piece of bringing you new customers. This is something worth appreciating and it’s important that you let them know how much you appreciate them. Thank you cards, a freebie here and there, and even just a simple acknowledgement on social media goes a long way to nurture your biggest fans.

Find some new advocates.

If your cheerleaders are already showing their spirit through social media, it might be time to start reaching out to more people to become advocates. The more advocates you have, the more your business is being promoted, and who doesn’t want that? If some of your followers give a like or share only once in awhile, perhaps you can reach out to those people and ask them to go even further and share a post or two. Also, increasing your engagement with others in your industry can help you scout new advocates.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask your customers and supporters for a little help every once in awhile. Just because your fans aren’t liking, commenting, and sharing your posts doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Some folks just need to know how they can help and that part is up to you.

Jillian Wilschke
Addison Avenue Intern, Jillian Wilschke, is a sophomore at Ball State University studying Public Relations. When she's not keeping busy crossing things off her to-do lists, she considers herself a ketchup connoisseur and a dance enthusiast.

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