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Addison Avenue Marketing

We specialize in marketing strategy, social media marketing, and developing marketing content for small businesses. We’ll help with anything customer facing such as your brand, social media, blog, website content, and print materials. We can either help you through consulting or just hand us the keys and we’ll do it for you. 

Melanie Howe

Melanie Howe

Owner & President

Hi there, I’m Melanie. I started Addison Avenue Marketing for two reasons. First, I absolutely love helping people with their businesses. Whether it be providing game changing advice, helping them get organized with project management workflows and tools, or taking on their marketing initiatives, it’s what I love to do. The second reason is because I got tired of watching awesome people with awesome products miss out on opportunity simply because their marketing was overwhelming to them. I believe in the power of social media and I believe that anyone, regardless of creative background, is capable of being awesome.

My Process


We start with objectives. Where do you want to see your business go? What are you hoping to achieve with your marketing? What do you have planned this year?


We’ll review your current brand, available assets, and budget in combination with the existing skillsets of your team and vendors. This helps us know what we’re working with. 


To get things done, you need accountability. We help you get there by looking at how you keep track of files, manage projects, and complete tasks.


This is where we determine your needs and how we can help. Sometimes it’s leading your team, other times it’s getting it done for you. (Note: This is the fun part!)

I don’t do it alone.

As a marketing consultant, it’s rare that I don’t run into a strategic solution or idea that requires me to call on other resources. Just like my clients, I simply can’t do it all. That’s why I surround myself with talented contractors, interns, and peers who also do amazing work in our industry.

Chirp Chirp!

As a Ball State University alumna, I absolutely love being able to collaborate with the many talented students in this community, especially those studying advertising, marketing, and journalism. Their energy, eagerness, talent, creativity, and perspective are all priceless in the work we do at Addison Avenue Marketing.

DIY Marketers

I am a DIY Marketer myself, and I love spreading knowledge and new tricks and tips that I gain along the way. If you’re a DIY Marketer, consider joining in on the action where we make marketing fun. Request Access!