Melanie Howe



Small businesses, entrepreneurs, direct marketers, and independent contractors tend to find themselves navigating the world of digital marketing on their own. Searching Google and trying to mimic what they see from their competition.

Melanie is passionate about equipping people with a structured learning approach and helping them align their marketing efforts with their goals. Bringing her project management skills to the table, Melanie helps drive results.


Go Be Awesome

Hey I’m Melanie

I love using my passion, my humor, and my strategic mind when I work with clients. I take pride in helping people feel good about the work they are doing, and getting them jazzed up.

My ultimate goal is for you to hit your goals and be awesome! 



Full Bio

Melanie Howe wants to live in a world where small businesses thrive, like minded people work together to make their dreams become reality, craft beer flows like tap water and everyone loves Muncie, Indiana.

As the owner of Addison Avenue Marketing located in downtown Muncie, she works daily to make (almost) all of those things happen.  Addison Avenue assists small businesses and entrepreneurs with strategy and content development. Melanie is also a motivational speaker and teacher marketing workshops for teams and individuals. She is a 2004 graduate of Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts Management and a minor in Business Administration. After college Melanie managed international accounts as an account executive in the printing industry and lived in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Charlotte before returning to her hometown. Her professional resume is filled with relationship management, project management, and marketing program management.

Melanie is passionate about her community and serves on many boards and committees. When she’s not volunteering or running around presenting and working with clients, Melanie’s enjoying her other full-time job as a mom to her daughter Addison.